Bomba the Brave


Bomba is a brave young bunny who loves to jump and sing the hopscotch song.  He can’t wait for school to start, but when it’s his turn to read out loud, he can’t see the blackboard.  The biggest bunny in the class starts to mock him.  It’s the beginning of a bullying experience that makes even the bravest bunny embarrassed. 

Dufala uses rhyme and song to make it easy for parents to talk to their kids about how to stand up for one another and put an end to harmful behavior. 

The rhythms and rhymes will make it a book children request again and again, thus reinforcing the important safety and anti-bulling skills children need to protect themselves and others.

Sherryll Kraizer, Ph.D., author of  Take A Stand & "10 Days to a Bully-Proof Child."

Bomba the Brave addresses the issue of childhood bullying with grace and sweet sensitivity in this uplifting story.  Illustrations infused with charm are the perfect fit for this clever and rhythmic tale of bravery! 

Marilyn Sadler, author P.J. Funnybunny series, Alistair series, and Disney's Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.

Bomba the Brave is a wonderful contemporary story that reads like a classic children's book. Clever rhymes and engaging characters ensure that the important anti-bullying message will stay in the hearts and minds of young readers long after the final page is read.

Bill Cotter, author/illustrator of "Don't Push the Button!" 

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